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This Week In The Studio

Plants. So many plants. I'm working on a series based on plants in my yard and to that end, I've got things in specimen jars all over my kitchen table. What started out as painting reference has turned into a moderate scale science experiment investigating what can survive being in a vase full of water for weeks on end. The blackberry, which I thought was totally dead, has produced some new growth and new roots, so now I'm keeping it in order to find out what it turns into. This will probably result in more sticky notes.

A benefit of using species that are a) local and b) invasive is a never ending supply of plant parts. This week I'm focused on oxalis, the oblivious creeping blight of my yard. It spreads fast, smothers other plants in its way, and traps moisture close to the soil, thus creating slug paradise. I did not feel the least bit bad amputating some leaves in order to experiment with pulling prints from them and using them as stencils.

I don't have any plans for this technique yet but it was a fun way to spend a Saturday morning and I may do more with it in the future.

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Enjoy the experiment, I knew oxalis was invasive, but didn't know it also harbored slugs. Ugh.

Try sticking a nasturtium stem in water and see what happens.

Replying to

Thanks! Yes, it traps so much moisture that it basically creates the Slug Ritz. It also houses lots of jumping spiders. Maybe they eat the slugs.

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