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Browser Cookies: A Rant

Also known as my privacy policy.

This is Halloran, the site creator.

I used Wix to make this website and I've gone through and deleted as many non-essential cookie setting widgets as I can find. But I didn't write the code so there are still some around. I personally, and Happy Little Nightmares as a business entity, have no interest in your data beyond making sure that 1) the orders you place get delivered and 2) if something goes wrong with your order I can fix it. That's it. I'm not selling it, I'm not interested in tracking your meanderings across the Internet. I just want to make sure you have a good experience while you're here.

Here's some info about cookies.

Here's Wix's documentation on the cookies it may set, as well as browser-specific directions for surfing the web in incognito mode.

Here's some more info about deceptive design, a.k.a. scummy things some websites (not this one!) will do to misdirect your attention and get you to click on things you didn't mean to click on.

Is this a questionable hill for an e-commerce site to die on? Yes. Am I going to do it anyway? Absolutely. If you're here, you should feel welcome and respected.

I'll update this policy as needed in order to handle the ongoing surprises of running an e-commerce business but the core philosophy remains the same.

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